The GSE-250 floor grinding machine features a well-designed adjustable handle in a range of 60º to 165º and it can be folded or unfolded. This ergonomic design not only ensures a compact structure much convenience in storage and transportation but also makes it easy to operate. A height control device is applied to make opportune adjusts of the grinding head. With these properties our grinding machine ensures a comfort operation in wet and dry grinding duties.

The floor grinding machine has an over-current protection unit. And the over-current value of this protection unit could be set from 9A to 14A. It features safety operation in case of current fluctuations and it turns off when a power overload occurs. The floor grinding machine is able to work in perfect horizontal balance thanks to its bubble level. The detachable dust shroud permits the grinder to get nearer to the wall.

The vacuum cleaner and water pipe ports of the floor grinding machine are used to grind in dry and wet. The port is connected with a 50 mm diameter vacuum cleaner to keep the working environment clean during dry grinding. The port can be connected with a water pipe to cool the grinding head and clean the dust in wet grinding.

The flexible coupler of the floor grinding machine transmits torque and is applied to middle and high shaft drive transmission. It has simple structure, carrying capacity and the ability to compensate axial and radial displacement.

Specifications of the GSE Floor Grinding Machine

Rated Voltage 230V Max Diameter 250 mm
Power 2.2 Kw/3HP Packing Size 800 × 420 × 860 mm
Speed 1410 rpm Weight 67 Kg